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We're going to a wedding, next week, in RI. - - - And looking back, early Spring, 2020, good Friends visited us from NC. My good Friends, they didn't stay with us. We only met and went out for lunch. My Friend, she had a "pink eye" which she wrote off, and a slightly scratchy throat that she mentioned in brief. "Nothing major", she said. We hugged after lunch and said our goodbyes. A couple days latter, C, my wife, she was in bed, down for the count, for maybe two days. A case of the Flu we thought. I got a lesser case of same, two days latter. We leapfrogged one another. Spring 2020... did our Friend have COVID? Did she share her COVID with us? - - - We've been "All Clear" since. Every dose of vaccine, every booster. And still, we look to this upcoming wedding with a wary eye. - - - - thank you for the timely tips Alanna. it is good to have a Friend "in the know".

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